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Mark your Calendar for Saturday, May 13, 2017


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Cap2Cap Registration Breakdown


Early Bird Registration Thru 12/31/16

Thru 2/8/17

Thru 4/5/17

Thru 5/10/17

Ride Day 5/13/17

Century (100 miles)






Half Century (50 miles)






Quarter Century (25 miles)






Fun Ride (15 miles)






Youth Riders (16 & under)







2016 ($80), 2015 ($40), and 2014 ($40) Cap2Cap jerseys are available for purchase in limited quantities and sizes. Please email if you’d like to make an inquiry and purchase.

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Friday, May 12, 2017

4:00-8:00 pm – Packet Pickup and Vendor Expo in Richmond at Hardywood Park Craft Brewery (the black building at 2410 Ownby Lane)
4:00-8:00 pm – Packet Pickup in Williamsburg at The Corner Pocket in New Town

Saturday, May 13, 2017 – Ride Day Schedule

For the second year in a row, all routes will start and end at the beautiful Charles City Courthouse venue.

6:30-9:45 am – Check-in & Packet Pickup
7:30 am – Course Support Begins; Century Starts
8:30 am – Half Century Starts
9:30 am – Quarter Century Starts
10:00 am – Fun Ride Starts
11:00 am – Vendor Expo Opens
11:30 am – Lunch and Musical Entertainment Begin
4:00 pm – Vendor Expo Ends, Lunch Ends
4:30 pm – Course Support Ends

Ride Rules

Be Safe:

  • No helmet, no ride!
  • Take your cell phone, but do not use it while riding.
  • No headphones allowed.
  • Kiddie trailers are permitted; all passengers within must wear a helmet. We encourage riders trailing kids to register for the Fun Ride.
  • No ElliptiGo bikes allowed.
  • Pack extra hydration and snacks to carry with you on your bike.
  • Technical support will be available at the starting venue and at multiple points along the course.
  • Medical support will be available at the starting venue.
  • You are responsible for your own safety.

A word about rider safety:

The Cap2Cap has an excellent safety record. This year is no different; your safety is of utmost importance to us! At the beginning of each ride, you will be led by a police escort on closed roads until the wave has thinned out enough for everyone to ride single file and to the right. You will see signage letting you know that you are now riding on an open road and to please follow the rules of the road.

We depend on cars and bikes to courteously co-exist for a safe Cap2Cap event. We will have police at select intersections. If you do not see a police presence, please proceed through intersections with caution. We will also have course marshals at other intersections. These volunteers are there to make sure you know the way, not to direct traffic. Please proceed through these intersections with caution as well.

These routes have been thoughtfully designed to maximize safety, but we cannot close hundreds of miles of roads for this event. If you are nervous about riding on an open road, we encourage you to participate in the Fun Ride, which is only 15 miles and solely on the Virginia Capital Trail.

Be Courteous:

Please be courteous to all motorists along the route by riding single file, to the far right of the road when a car is approaching from behind. There will be over 2,500 cyclists on the roads during the Cap2Cap, and the Virginia Capital Trail Foundation appreciates the support of the localities the Trail traverses. Any behavior, either on the road or off, negatively affecting the reputation of the ride will NOT be tolerated. Police will ticket you if you are breaking the law by taking up too much of the road.

Be Aware:

We recommend using the maps and cue sheets first for route following. There will be wayfinding signs along the routes, but they can blow away, be moved or taken. Every year some people end up missing a turn because a sign is missing — don’t let this happen to you! Ultimately, you are responsible for making sure you don’t get lost.

  • The Cap2Cap takes place rain or shine.
  • Registration fees are non-refundable, non-transferable, and cannot be deferred to another year.
  • If you would like to switch distances, there is no additional charge to move from the century to a shorter distance (please note we are unable to refund the price difference). If you would like to change to a longer distance with a higher registration fee — for example, from the Fun Ride to the Quarter Century or from the Half to the full Century — payment is required for the difference in price. Please email us for more details.


Is this a race?

No. The Cap2Cap is a ride, and riders are encouraged to enjoy the beautiful scenery. Of course, please be safe and observe the rules of the road while doing so.

Can I start whenever I want?

We strongly encourage everyone to start with their designated times. This is when the police escorts will safely take you the first few miles. Riding before your start time might mean rest stops won’t be open, SAG vehicles won’t be available, and course marshals and signage won’t be in place along the routes. Starting after your designated start time means you may be out on the course after course support ends. We cannot be responsible for anyone riding after 4:30 pm.

What happens if I get a flat tire? Or get tired and need to stop? Or crash and get hurt?

For any issue requiring urgent medical care, CALL 911. For anyone unable to finish the ride due to equipment problems or fatigue, we will have a phone number for SAG support located on the back of your bib. If you know how to change your own flat tire, you will be back on your way much more quickly.

Do I have to wear a helmet?

Yes – This is non-negotiable.

What happens if I finish after lunch or course support is over?

We strongly recommend you choose a distance you can complete in order to appreciate the entire Cap2Cap experience, which includes a delicious lunch and post-ride party. We make every effort to keep leftovers available in boxes, or under the tent or pavilion until ride support ends at 4:30 pm. If you are still riding after support ends, you will not be able to call for our SAG vehicle if you need it. It requires hundreds of volunteers to deliver a first-class event during the published hours. Keeping the course open longer than we have volunteer staff available is not feasible or safe.

What do I do with my bicycle while I’m eating lunch?

We will be providing complimentary bike valet service at the venue. Check your ride at the valet and enjoy the post-ride festivities. Bikes will be monitored at all times, so you can rest assured that your bike will be waiting for you when you are ready to leave.

Can I pick up a packet for another rider at packet pickup?

Yes. Unless you’re picking up for a minor, we ask that you bring a photocopy or photo (on a phone is fine) of the absent rider’s photo ID. You should bring your own photo ID as well.